The principal aim of CAG's program philosophy is life-style change, including abstinence from ADDs, elimination of anti-social behavior, enhanced education, constructive employment and development of pro-social attitudes and values. A distinct feature of CAG's mission is that its purpose extends beyond the traditional treatment modality to address the needs of the whole person.

After acquiring years of experience in the field of substance abuse and noting the ever-increasing public demand for services in the areas of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, CAG launched an expansion of its programs towards a more holistic approach, incorporating the social, physical and spiritual areas of the individual. This was done to better respond to the needs of the population we serve.

Residential Adult Treatment

A one-month program administered in separate facilities for men and women whose lifestyles are adversely impacted by substance abuse. Daily individual and group counseling sessions are conducted with the goal of building self-esteem developing parenting skills, reinforcing relapse prevention, and assessing the effect of illegal substance on the mind and body.

Transitional Living

Housing accommodation extended to men and women who have completed CAG's or another sanctioned treatment program and requires assistance and additional time to secure safe housing and employment.


Consists of both regular and intensive levels of service. The client's counselor assists in developing a schedule of recommended services.

Access to Recovery (ATR)

A service of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) that is given when recovery services are not provided by treatment programs. ATR is based on the knowledge that there are many pathways to recovery from addiction. The promise of this initiative is that it ensures the availability of a full range of treatment options, including the transforming power of faith.